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<div class="riddle_target" data-rid-id="264124" data-fg="#1486CD" data-bg="#FFFFFF" style="margin:0 auto;max-width:100%;width:640px;" data-auto-scroll="true" data-auto-scroll-offset="5"> <script src=""></script> <link href="" rel="stylesheet"> <iframe style="width:100%;height:300px;border:1px solid #cfcfcf;" src="" title="Personality Test - Which Artist Should Design Your School Uniform?"><section><h2><h2>Which Artist Should Design Your School Uniform?</h2></h2><p><p>Bored of your school uniform? Want something different? Find the artist to design the perfect uniform for you!</p></p></section><section><h2><h2><h2><strong>You got Bob and Roberta Smith!</strong></h2></h2></h2><p><p>You like your uniform to make a statement &ndash; literally! If Bob and Roberta Smith designed your uniform, you might wear your slogan on the back of your blazer or on your school bag! Whether you want to stand up for the environment, for human rights, or issues in your local community, you like to make your voice heard.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Bob and Roberta Smith is the pseudonym for Patrick Brill, a contemporary British artist. He is known for his slogan art, like this piece <em>All Schools Should Be Art Schools</em>. This is about the importance of art for learning. What would your slogan say?</p></p></section><section><h3><h2><strong>You got Chris Ofili!</strong></h2></h3><p><p>Capes, masks, and lots and lots of glitter! You&rsquo;re a bit of a performer and want your uniform to reflect the fact you&rsquo;re a superhero legend superstar. If Chris Ofili designed your uniform, you might end up looking something like this!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Chris Ofili is a British artist born in Manchester. He now works in Trinidad and Tobago. Some people call his work &lsquo;punk art&rsquo; because in his paintings he uses all sorts of things not normally used in art: beads, oil paint, glitter, magazine cut outs, even elephant poo! What strange material would you like to add to your uniform?</p></p></section><section><h3><h2><h2><strong>You got D&oacute;ra Maurer!</strong></h2></h2></h3><p><p>You like the basics: think cool, straight lines and simple block colours. If she designed your uniform, you would be sure to look like the coolest cat in the playground!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Maurer's art is often geometric - which means it is based on complex mathematics and uses regular lines and shapes. Like this piece, 'Stage II'. It's based on complex rules, but it's fun and the shapes look like they're dancing across the wall!&nbsp;You quite like rules too, but like Maurer, you like to play with them!</p></p></section><section><h3><h2><strong>You got Aubrey Williams!</strong></h2></h3><p><p>Ancient Egyptians, eskimos, Native Americans... like Aubrey Williams, you&rsquo;re fascinated by people from other places. You love to travel, and wish you could time travel too! If he designed your uniform, it would take inspiration from cultures all around the world. </p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Williams was fascinated by the indigenous peoples of the Americas and he used images and iconography drawn from their art in his own work.&nbsp;Which other time or culture would you most like to see? Which symbol or motif from their art could you use in your uniform?<strong></strong></p></p></section><section><h2><h2><p>Which of these subjects do you like most?</p></h2></h2></section><section><h3><h2><strong>Which game do you love to play in the playground?</strong></h2></h3></section><section><h3><h2><strong>What do you think of your uniform at the moment?</strong></h2></h3></section><section><h3><h2><strong>What are your favourite colours?</strong></h2></h3></section><section><h3><h2><strong>Which of these would you most like to be when you leave school?</strong></h2></h3></section><section><h3><h2><strong>What kind of student are you?</strong></h2></h3></section><section><h3><h2><strong>If you could have one extra accessory for your uniform, what would it be?</strong></h2></h3></section></iframe> </div>
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