Tate's scheme for 16-25 year olds worldwide giving access to £5 exhibition tickets, unmissable free events and opportunities plus discounts across Tate.

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16 to 25? Want access to £5 exhibition tickets, free events, creative opportunities and discounts across Tate? Sign up for a free Tate Collective account.

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https://shop.tate.org.uk/exhibitions-and-tickets/now-booking£5 tickets to all Tate exhibitions

Book £5 tickets online and bring up to three friends aged 16–25

/whats-on?audience_type=young_people&daterange=fromnow&free=1&gallery_group=tate_britain%2Ctate_liverpool%2Ctate_modern%2Ctate_st_ivesFree and discounted events

Special discounted events and great free things to do

http://www.tate.org.uk/search?q=cafe&type=location20% off in all of our cafés

Pay less for food and drink in all of our cafés

https://shop.tate.org.uk/10% off in all of our shops

Get 10% off when you shop online or in the galleries

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Although our galleries are currently closed, you can book tickets for upcoming exhibitions from 8 December. £5 tickets need to be booked online, so get booking now and enjoy our shows for less - and don't forget you can bring up to three friends aged 16 – 25 for £5 each. Check out our FAQs for more on how to make the most of your Tate Collective benefits.

Tate Collective FAQs

book a free gallery visit

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Our podcast, 'The Art Of...' is a series telling the human stories behind art in Tate's collection.

Listen now

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Disability and Art

Explore how artists have portrayed the range of human ability through their art

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Student resources

Explore careers advice, exam help and more

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">This is one of 30 posters published by the group of anonymous artists who call themselves the Guerrilla Girls. Since 1984 they have been working to expose gender-based and racial discrimination in the art world. See their work for free at Tate Modern. - :cherry_blossom: <a href="https://t.co/0rryxySCKN">https://t.co/0rryxySCKN</a> <a href="https://t.co/09LuvuV0As">pic.twitter.com/09LuvuV0As</a></p>&mdash; Tate Collective (@TateCollective) <a href="https://twitter.com/TateCollective/status/1235660108446789633?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">March 5, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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Get social with us

We have a team of 16-25 year olds based in London, Liverpool and St Ives who program and run lots of the free events, workshops and talks on offer to Tate Collective.

Find out more

Tate Collective team preparing for a discussion at Tate Modern

Tate Collective Producers in London
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Tate Collective Producers
Tate Collective FAQs

Check out our Tate Collective FAQs or have a look at our Terms and Conditions for more details

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  1. Tate Collective is Tate's scheme open to 16-25 year olds worldwide. Tate Collective gives access to £5 exhibition tickets, free events and opportunities and discounts across Tate.
  2. On your 26th birthday your account will cease to offer £5 tickets.
  3. As part of Tate Collective you can book up to 4 tickets for yourself and 3 friends. Everyone in the group has to be aged between 16–25 years old.
  4. In order to redeem your £5 tickets, we need to check you're as young as you say you are. You need to provide a form of Valid ID (passport, driving licence, student card with DoB or PASS card) when you are at the event or exhibition. If you book for yourself and a group of friends, everyone will need to prove their age to redeem their tickets.
  5. £5 tickets can only be booked online at tate.org.uk and once you’re logged into your Tate Collective account.
  6. Tickets are for personal use and may not be resold or exchanged. No refunds, either. We like commitment.
  7. Tickets are valid for the date and time stated. Please check your tickets on your order confirmation as mistakes cannot always be rectified.
  8. Tate reserves the right to refuse admission, terminate a visit, or withdraw Tate Collective benefits.
  9. By attending an event or exhibition, ticket holders consent to being photographed or filmed incidentally and to Tate’s publication or broadcast of any such photographs or film.
  10. When you sign up to Tate Collective you’ll be opted in to our monthly newsletter. It's full of really good stuff. If you don’t wan't to hear from us please update your preferences in your account.
  11. By signing up you’re agreeing to being honest about your age, promising to have a good time at our galleries and respecting other visitors when you're with us.

  12. All personal data will be dealt with in accordance of 1998 Data Protection Act. Have a look at our terms of use for the full low-down on your privacy and data protection.
  13. Finally, we hope you stay with us 'til you turn 26. If you want to cancel your Tate Collective subscription before then, email ticketing@tate.org.uk. We'll miss you.
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