DIY by BridA

A fun work to make with lots of paint and movement that raises serious questions of ownership and authorship and the value of process and collaboration.

Slovenian art collective BridA / Tom Kersevan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica, collaborated with young people and other visitors to Tate St Ives to create a special edition  of their work DIY. Throughout the evening visitors worked from a digital recording made by the artists and attempted to follow their instructions to paint a collaborative work of art. Even though following instructions no two paintings are predictable or ever the same and participants were invited to take home their own smaller slice of the larger creation.

Tate St Ives Circuit

This was an interesting exploration of how an artists practice can be shared at an intrinsic level in programme, through the creation of an intentionally collaborative work process. The generosity of the artists in sharing their personal practice so openly and encouraging re-interpretation of their work engaged visitors both personally and with the artworks. With the artist being onsite for the duration visitors could talk and laugh with them openly, explore ideas and be welcomed as valuable contributors in a collaborative work whilst explore the process of creating at a professional level.