Power, Myth, Technology

Do debates surrounding African diaspora and post–colonial impact on culture hold meaning, purpose or relevance to a younger generation of artists?

This event brought together a cross-generational selection of artists, curators, writers and musicians in Autumn 2013, to explore a series of question related to the work of Ibrahim El-SalahiEllen Gallagher and Meschac Gaba, that were on display at Tate Modern.

The event examined what impact these artists have had upon contemporary art and what this means for artists of African – Caribbean descent both in the continent and the African diaspora.

Tate Collective London invited artist Leo Asemota to work with them to interweave themes related to power and new economies, perceptions of contemporary Africa and discuss the role of technology as access to global cultural shifts. Senior members of Tate Collective London led the planning, development and delivery of the event.

Invited contributors included: Artist Leo Asemota, Tate Modern assistant curator Loren Hansi Momodu, writer, curator and musician Morgan Quaintance, poet, author and broadcaster Musa Okwonga, photographer Nina Manandhar and singer Shingai ShoniwaThe discussions ended with The Groundnut providing their signature African influenced cuisine.