Meet the Artist – Kehinde Wiley

Tate Modern and Tate Britain’s young people’s group, called Tate Collective London, were invited to collaborate with American artist Kehinde Wiley in Autumn 2013. Coinciding with his first UK exhibition The World Stage: Jamaica, this presented a new and exciting opportunity to work directly with an international artist, whose work explores themes that resonate with Tate Collective London. Through a Q&A style format they explored several themes, from evolving notions of identity and cultural influence, globalisation and youth culture, as well as discussing his practice as a contemporary painter within portraiture and the wider international art scene.


Tate Collective London prepared for the event by discussing different ways in which the project could manifest itself. Through consideration of the 3.5 week timescale it was eventually decided to hold a ‘meet the artist’ style event; a format that has featured on the Tate Collective London program for several years. It was felt this type of event would maximise access for the audience, alongside providing an intimate and direct insight into the artist and his practice.

This event also allowed two senior Tate Collective London members to take responsibility for planning, development and delivery of the project.