Vase Curate at Hyperlink

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As part of Hyperlink, a special commission was curated by Vase Forever alongside the creative direction of Melissa Matos (Trusst), resulting in a series of interactive live music installations that brought audience, artwork and the environment together.

They invited past collaborators to participate, including Jacques Greene, who performed with six hidden cameras attached to a specially designed costume. The resulting footage was hooked up to a live-feed and projected into the Tanks at Tate Modern. Referencing the festival theme, Six Degrees of Separation, this installation was inspired by Rebecca Horn, who is known for incorporating performance and physical accessories in her work, most often using a monochromatic palette. The various perspectives of the hidden cameras mirrored different views of the audience back into the performance environment and was synched to the music.

Dorian Concept also performed in the Tanks. An immersive environment was created using 3D projections of digitally manipulated landscapes mapped onto various surfaces. Playing with a very wide color range, the intensity at which the colors were projected varied in response to the audience’s participation resulting in a virtual universe where projected objects, patterns and light took on a life of their own, moving around the space rhythmically to the audio. The correlation between color and motifs were inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s Interior with Water Lillies.