Welcome to My World

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Art offers everyone the potential to step back and reflect on the world that they live in.

Artist, photographer and filmmaker, Joann Kushner, assisted by artist Sumuyya Khader, worked with young people in Liverpool to engage with them, listen to their concerns and support the production of works telling their stories.

Inspired by Art Turning Left and Keywords: Art, Culture and Society in 1980s Britain, exhibitions at Tate Liverpool that explore art as a means of affecting social change.

Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Young people devised projects which allowed the development of a commentary, connecting them to both national and international contexts. Working with New York based artist and poet Danny Simmons and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, they were mentored to explore poetry and the spoken word as part of their emerging practice.

With a peer-led approach aimed at enhancing critical thinking and knowledge they developed works that show their world in the wider political spectrum, engaging their own communities along the way. Their final pieces will be showcased in July 2014 at the Blueprint festival in Liverpool.

View all the works produced for this project.