NorthernSoulSouth Weekender

Tate Collective St Ives came together with Wigan Young Souls to create The New Crypt Group, working with artist Linder Sterling to create three days of dance, performance, music and art.

Tate Collective St Ives and Wigan Young Souls worked with artist Linder Sterling during a 3 day workshop based at Porthmeor studios, St Ives Theatre and The Crypt.

Stephen Cootes takes the floor Copyright Ian Kingsnorth

Stephen Cootes takes the floor
Copyright Ian Kingsnorth


Stephen  sets off the beach flash mob in true Northern Soul style. Tate Collective, St Ives and Wigan Young Souls come together to form The New Crypt Group for their weekender, taking over historical, creative spaces around the town of St Ives such as the Crypt and St Ives theatre. In the true spirit of artistic revolution and joining with the ghosts of Hepworth, Nicholson, Sven Berlin and others to create a traffic-stopping flash mob session on the harbour front. With thanks to the residents and visitors of St Ives, and to promoter Mark Terry for use of his 4×4 and speaker system!

Created by:

Isabel , Nastassja , Isaac , Jess, Alexander, Stephen , Harriet , Lauren , Charlotte , Hannah , Owen , Laura , Jordan

Artist Linder Sterling

Videographer Alban Roinard

Soundtrack Maxwell Sterling

Camera Alban Roinard

Circuit Coordinator Sally Noall

With many thanks to the staff of Tate St Ives and to our local community and supporters: Mark Terry, The Crypt, Porthmeor Studios and St Ives Theatre