Creative Selfie

The current project by the Get Involved group looks at the social phenomena of the selfie and looks beyond its gimmick, acknowledging its wider social implications, especially for young adults.


The group uses the concept of the selfie to explore individuality and freedom of expression that is integral to any act of creativity.

The most recent event took place across the city centre of Nottingham on the 1st June. The aim of the event was to attract attention to both the ideas and activities of the Get Involved group, whilst carrying out research about the potential target audience for future events. The participants created a range of physical metaphors for “the self” and “the youth”, such as reflective masks, double-sided papier-mâché head and a harlequin’s kimono-canvas. The procession in the streets of Nottingham aimed to spark curiosity of people enjoying the Sunday sun and encourage them to draw and write on the kimono about how it feels to be young.


As a member and a photographer of the Get involved group I experienced the different reactions of passers-by. Some got involved directly, others chose to stop and take pictures of the procession.  From my personal perspective the event provided enough curiosity for young adults, although decorating the kimono appeared challenging for some. It was interesting to form part of the procession and to observe the public’s response, which, in turn, means we can improve our activities for future events. This event has certainly allowed us to test our ideas, exploring how we see ourselves as individuals and as a group and how others see themselves and us through the concept of the Creative Self.

Collab_01.06.14_.Nightingale__MG_6516_ Collab_01.06.14_.Nightingale__MG_6334_

Written by Vika Nightingale.

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