Currently on show at Tate Britain is Source, a collection display curated by Tate Collective London for their peers –15-25 years olds.  The display will exist for six months, each month exploring a theme through a workshop or event and collectable poster. We asked Tate Collective members Leyla, Verity and Harriet to tell us about the ideas they chose to explore through this display…

As a collective we thought about what it is that would attract a young audience to a gallery or a display or an exhibition. We thought about things that we’ve personally really enjoyed, or have been attracted to going and seeing, and we came up with core themes that we wanted to be present in whatever concept we came up with for our display: collaboration, participation, immersion.


Leyla picks up a free poster at Source
Photo ©Harriet Hundertmark

Source highlights similarities between the mass display of art in a salon hang and the ability of 21st-century digital and social media platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram to present large numbers of images in a single location online. Working with this idea, Put Turn Pull have produced an installation within the display which explores the link between physical and digital experiences in the gallery. It draws parallels with the critical discussion that was encouraged in the 19th century Salon and is commonplace through use of the comment function found in social-media platforms.

In initial talks about the display, everyone in Tate Collective London wanted to work on the idea of feeling comfortable in the space, it maybe being a social space. We also wanted to focus on the idea of being awestruck by something or blown away.

©Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

Verity and Leyla introduce Source
Photo ©Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

An interactive sound installation explores how we interpret the origin, meaning and content of sound. Using the collection works and six themes as inspiration, it breaks down the interplay between sound and image. Each month there is an open call for submissions in response to each of the themes explored in the display. Participants work is featured on the screens that form part of Source, highlighting how the Tate collection resonates with contemporary visual culture.

It was important to us to make everyone who comes to see Source feel involved, and like they are part of the gallery space. We asked Tanya from Tate Collective to respond to the Tate Collection works we are showing through an interactive sonic piece. Visitors can sit on the sofas, chill out, and create their own soundscape.


Verity explores Tanya’s sound installation
Photo ©Harriet Hundertmark

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