Cliff Hanger Soap Opera

In 2013 Nottingham Contemporary started their first partnership with the Carers Federation and a team within the organisations called Action for Young Carers.

We hosted a set of five sessions for young adults that access the Carers Federation services in our studio with Associate Artist Sian Taylor-Watson. During their time meeting together and discussing creativity in their own lives and daily routines, they joked about the far-fetched ‘real-life’ storylines in soap operas, concluding that the idea of a soap opera made entirely of cliff hangers would be a creative and humorous project.

The sessions ran on for much longer than five sessions as the group wanted to continue coming to the gallery weekly. They invited members of Get Involved and staff at the gallery to participate in the making of their film and directed, made and acted in it themselves and they used hand made props and a drawn background, having found inspiration in Marvin Gaye Chetwynd’s exhibition that was on during their visits.

The result was a five minute film, a fake blood splattered reception and members of the group joining Get Involved.