Courting controversy

Hand with phrase 'be more maveric'

Maverick and safe.
Controversial and easy.
Don’t sit well together do they?
So let’s do easy and safe.
So let’s do maverick and controversial.

The very mention of these words makes us worry.
That’s too, too hard.
It’ll never work.
It’s too much work.
It’ll blow all the budget.

Just say no….no,no,no. Or yes.
Yes, then tell me how.
Yes, then explain why.
Yes, then ok let’s try it.

It’s seems to be the hardest most controversial statement.
Yes but it might not work.
Stellar or supernova.

So do it until someone says no. Try it until it works. Or do it and don’t tell anyone. Extreme yet vulnerable.
But do take a picture, do count the heads, do ask what they thought.
Then go on a’changing it for next time.
Change and controversy.
Controversial yet safe.

That’s what we can do in Circuit.


Judith Merritt
Head of Learning