What is Circulate?

Circulate members have a pivotal role, as the experts from within Circuit, in documenting, evaluating and commenting on the programme.

Circulate is the Circuit Young Researchers’ and Evaluators’ group.


Circulate is a research and evaluation group made up of young people, from across the country, who are taking part in Circuit.

Circulate members are working with the Circuit Critical Friend, who is supporting this core team of young researchers and evaluators, throughout the four years of the programme, to gain skills and experience through practice.

Members of Circulate are documenting, photographing, filming and gathering feedback about Circuit, both during their ongoing gallery programmes and at key festivals and events. Members also have a role in developing relevant methods for evaluating Circuit, its impact, value and legacy. Members also have roles in determining the structures and systems for the evaluation process, and have opportunities to define the key questions and methods of enquiry for the programme.


Circulate group photo small cropped

These young researchers and evaluators meet to gather evidence, for example, at festivals and events. The group also meets two or three times a year for Circulate sessions, which are planned (on the basis of the group’s own priorities) and facilitated by the Circuit critical friend. At these national Circulate sessions, members work together to make sense of the evidence they have gathered, reflect on progress, and identify successes and challenges, as well as finding out about and exploring various research and evaluation ideas, approaches and techniques.

Members of the group are also disseminating the findings for their work, throughout the programme, through relevant opportunities. For example, members for the group from Tate Liverpool recently wrote and delivered a paper at the national iJade conference. (iJade is the International Journal for Art and Design Education.)

Sufea, Circulate member from Tate Collective Liverpool, shares her experience in this video diary: