Flow on The Go (Part 01)

Amber Waddy, member of firstsites young person led group ‘Y.A.K’ and also a member of the Flow Group. Amber shares an insight into the world of Flow, and what they have been up to over the last few months.

FLOW ON THE GO – What’s Happened And What’s To Come.

Greetings. Amber here, flow extraordinaire and reliable run around. I’m here to tell you about what has been happening in the world of Flow Group, and what kind of things you can expect to see from us in the coming months. We came from such small beginnings with nothing but a few toys and a small group of good friends. And now? We’re doing fire shows and running workshops around the local area. We’ve also gotten to make so many new buds along the way.


So, let’s look back at the last three months of Flow Group. We had the biggest private gig to date playing Old Hall in East Bergholt on the 30th August. We’d spent several weeks creating, perfecting and mastering a whole 15 minute routine with a total crew of 11 heads! It was a huge pain in the logistics some days but we cracked on and when it came to performing live we well and truly nailed it. Everyone was pleased as punch and was bursting with pride. The people who lived there were also immensely accommodating and loving. It was paradise.

The start of September saw us becoming more involved with the members at Y.A.K. We started coming along to the fortnightly meetings with the intention of letting all the other young groups know what we were up to just to keep them in the loop. The more sessions we attended the more involved we got and the more inspiring it became. Because the room was full of such creative minds from different areas of the arts we began to help each other more than we thought we ever could.

The beginning of the month also saw us doing a basic gymnastics workshop with the lovely Isaac from Limitless street dance crew. He taught us how to properly warm up and cool down, how to do handstands, how to cartwheel, how to forward roll, all sorts! It really put into perspective how unfit some of us were. We were using muscles we never even knew existed. Now that we know the basics we have started subtly adapting what we do when we practice flow and always do warm ups and stretches when we can.


We also had another handy workshop booked in near the end of the month which saw us pretending to be pizzas and making hopping look perilous! A nice woman called Mandy from The Theatre of Lemmings taught us how to be more theatrical with our performances and showed us how to hold our bodies and how to get the most from our expressions, as well as helping us with any confidence issues. It was very insightful as no one in the group had done a workshop like this and it really helped us to realise how influential the right posture can be.

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