Flow on The Go (Part 02)

Amber Waddy, member of firstsites young person led group ‘Y.A.K’ and also a member of the Flow Group. Amber shares an insight into the world of Flow, and what they have been up to over the last few months.

FLOW ON THE GO – What’s Happened And What’s To Come.

Greetings. Amber here, flow extraordinaire and reliable run around. I’m here to tell you about what has been happening in the world of Flow Group, and what kind of things you can expect to see from us in the coming months. We came from such small beginnings with nothing but a few toys and a small group of good friends. And now? We’re doing fire shows and running workshops around the local area. We’ve also gotten to make so many new buds along the way.

On the 23rd September Flow Group had the pleasure of going on a road trip to good old Great Yarmouth for Out There Festival, where they hosted a manner of arts and performances throughout the day. We were very happy to have gone, and even gained a few ideas along the way. It also helped the team to bond a bit more as we’d been spending so much time practicing and brainstorming that we forgot to just have fun and let loose! And thus, we did.


It was around this time when we pondered about our plans over the winter period. Would we sit back and slow down or would me make a stand and do something incredible? This ladies and gents was the birth of The Winter Gathering, an event run by Flow Group being held on the 21st December to celebrate the coming together of friends and family, and to showcase how far the crew has come. We got everyone we could involved including Y.A.K and Limitless, and boy there was A LOT of planning to do.  More details on that later…

So, what was next for this bunch of loonies? Well Y.A.K had come forward with the idea of taking part in a global art project called The Big Draw, which took place on 28th October. Many galleries and centres were taking part across the country, so obviously we had to stick our noses in. I had come forward with the idea of doing flow related painting titled ‘Painting With Poi’. The idea was to create one big masterpiece with everyone’s movements. The event went well and got quite a good reception despite the questionable weather and last minute changes.


At this point we were all as amped up as we’d ever been, and were getting a lot more hands on with the work we were doing. We’d started doing basic acrobatics and even got a hold of a couple of pairs of stilts. Even now they’re still incredibly fun to play with despite the danger of falling on one’s face. We even started seeing some new faces at our regular sessions and we felt much more like an official group. The entire team was on a massive high.

By the end of the month the proposal for The Winter Gathering was accepted and we started making plans for who was doing what and when. I was commissioned to create a masterpiece of a flyer to show off the activities we were offering as well as times and prices. It took a couple of revisits before the final piece got approved and by the end of it everyone was chuffed as nuts with it. I still get compliments for it even now. It went off to the printer and after a couple of weeks we had 800 shiny new flyers to spread around.

October also saw us meeting the acquaintance of the Juggling and Spinning Society at the University of Essex. For a very small fee we are able to come down on a Thursday and have a flow session with the students and in the evening have a burn with some of the fire toys. The crew who run it are just the sweetest and they have been very helpful in giving feedback and making suggestions. We even managed to get them to start coming down to firstsite on Wednesdays too!

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