Back to the 80s!









Back comb that hair.. puff up your body warmers.. ’cause we’re taking a look back.. at BACK TO THE 80s!


Here in Llandudno we have a young group.. so young in fact.. that most of us never touched the 80s with a Nintendo Sega. We must be experiencing what, according to the ‘Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows‘ is called anemoia n. ‘nostalgia for a time you’ve never known’

We wanted to promote what we’re doing here at MOSTYN and with Circuit.. and attract new members to our group. We set up a photobooth and took totally rad photos of all the 80s chicks and dudes that turned up (on an instant camera.. of course)

Upstairs we had a DJ banging out the classics from Kraftwerk to Kylie, a live projection which added classic 80s video effects as we danced and a t-shirt making workshop with artist Barry Morris proved a hit, something to put in a goodie bag with mini Rubiks cubes and refreshers bars as a parting gift from us.


IMG_20140614_213307_1This was a pilot event for MOSTYN and for our group.. and we learned a lot. We need to be aware of our neighbors (rookie mistake) as we had the police pop round for a friendly chat about sound levels.

Our membership uptake was high (10 percent of visitors joined us!) which was ace. Hopefully we’ve proved that MOSTYN can be used for so much more. We want to put on more events like this.. and make the gallery into a really alive venue for young people in the local area.