Best of 2014 : Street Photography with Accent Magazine

The third in a celebratory series of highlights from 2014 at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. This post looks at the Street Photography workshop with Accent Magazine which took place at Tate Britain in September…

In response to the display they curated, BP Spotlight: Source, Tate Collective London devised a series of workshops which explored a different theme for each of the 6 months that the display was open.

September explored street photography with a zine-making workshop led by the editors of Accent Magazine, an online photographic publication which celebrates the stories of a set of people from all over the world in each issue.

Al and Klaus by Lydia Garnett for Accent Magazine

Al and Klaus © Lydia Garnett for Accent Magazine

The group visited Source and discussed works within the display which related to the theme, works like this photograph of a man and his dog by Keith Arnatt and a portrait of a young man Ori by Seamus Nicholson. We also heard the story behind the portrait of Al and Klaus (above) commissioned by Accent for the street photography edition of the Source brochure.

Editors Lucy and Lydia then presented a history of zine-making and self-publishing, and showed the group a selection of publications for inspiration before setting the brief.


Example publications © Muna AbuQaoud

The group got to making, using images from their own portfolios, the Tate collection and other publications. After everyone’s zines were complete, and two copies made (one for keeping, one for the Accent archive) they were displayed as a collection and each presented to the group in a show and tell.


Finished zines © Leyla Tahir

Here are some finished spreads from the session:

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