Collage Workshop with Artist Catrin Menai

In response to Broomberg and Chanarin’s Artes Mundi show at MOSTYN ‘Divine Violence’, we invited artist Catrin Menai, from Bethesda, North Wales, to work with us on a collage workshop exploring the themes of war and conflict, inspired by the artists annotated and collaged copy of the King James bible.



Catrin, brought with her a treasure trove of cuttings, books, articles, pictures & papers for everyone to get stuck into. The name of the game was simplicity.. to have the confidence to work minimally, a brave step for young artists and one that often takes years to make. What was striking was how, as the workshop went on.. layers and layers of school art formality were sloughed off. It was enough.. to think, type, stick and leave it alone.



We were lucky enough to meet the artists, who were in MOSTYN overseeing the hanging of ‘Divine Violence’ and kindly came and had a look at our work,  chatted with us about theirs, and their thoughts around the themes of war.


Oliver Broomberg & Adam Chanarin take us for a tour of their newly hung show.