Kindred Spirits: a Digital, Immersive, Spectacular, Interactive experience

For Blueprint, Tate Collective wanted to create an event that invited the audience, physically to engage differently with the artwork, and digitally to become part of the art themselves.

They commissioned MeYouandUs to create the digital spectacle, and engaged the Costumologists to devise wearable art and Jonny from Deep Hedonia to work on music. The collaboration grew to involve dancers, a storyteller, a theatre director and a magician, but the core planning group were Tate Collective, MeYouandUS and the Costumologists.

The concept started from the Mondrian colours and the Nasreen Mohamedi shapes. Upon entering this gallery, the audience chose a colour, went to the costumologists to create a piece of wearable art in that colour. They then went to the photo booth of their colour where they had their photo taken making the gesture of their chosen colour group.


They could then go on a tour of the gallery led by guides of their colour, during which they encountered various performances depending on which colour tour they had gone on. And everyone ended up at the digital spectacle, seeing their own image reflected on 40 screens, before they saw themselves mixed in with the rest of the group who had chosen their colour.