Gallery 1 Reflections | Pt 1

After many months of hard work, CYLCH achieved something which was a first for them.. and a first for MOSTYN. A show curated solely by young people, which said to the public directly; ‘this is whats important to us’.

As each member chose an object or project to represent themselves as an individual; our format allowed us to paint a picture of an internet generation whos view of the world has been expanded, not shrunk, due to the abundance of information available to them; a generation where each individual surprised us with their all too often hidden fascinations.


In terms of challenging perceptions about young people.. well.. its obvious. The breadth of subject and clear thought that had gone into each individuals project challenged possible assumptions about our generation head on. Yes we can work as a team, Yes we can follow a project through to the end, and absolutely Yes, we do have thoughts and interests beyond social media.


‘Gwaith gwych yn Galeri 1 – mor greadigol’ – ‘Great work in Gallery 1 – Very Creative’

Here are the first videos in a series looking back at the experience of making Gallery 1 happen.

Filmed and edited by Carwyn Jones (a CYLCH member and Gallery 1 Participant) and Stacy Winson of Clearwater Films with many thanks from CYLCH.

Please take a look at their website;