Circuit Internship #3

Wysing & Kettle’s Yard offer a paid internship to young people involved in the Circuit Cambridge programme. The role is open to members of the Circuit group and to participants in our youth sector partnership projects. Here, Livius Jaeger, our third Circuit intern, shares his thoughts on working with us:

I first heard about the internship for Circuit from the Foyer and knew this is would be a great opportunity to be a part of it and to see what Circuit was all about. Before the internship I was already participating in the Circuit workshops held at the Foyer every week, in which we learned about different types and styles of art and from this I managed to complete my bronze arts award, now with the help from Kettle’s Yard and Wysing Arts Centre and the Circuit programme I am now doing my silver arts award based on traditional animation.

I’ve only been doing the internship for about a month now, but I can already say that it has been very rewarding. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Personally I feel more confident and responsible. Already I feel like I’m doing things that I would have been to scared to do a few weeks ago, such as booking taxis for people or greeting people at events. I knew at times I would feel outside of my comfort zone but when I did the members and staff were very understanding and supportive that I felt more relaxed and confident.

Livius preparing for the Circuit Murmuration event.

Livius preparing for the Circuit Murmuration event.

I joined Circuit as a member and an intern near the end of the Murmuration event. I found meeting new people and getting to understand the event in a short amount of time was daunting because they all seemed to understand it and knew what they were doing. One challenge I found with the Murmuration event was setting up where things went and handing out leaflets to the public because I didn’t know much about the event myself, but everyone was so professional and welcoming that it didn’t take me long to feel a part of the group and to understand the outline of the event.

So far a few things I have learned/learning is how to prioritise tasks, organising and setting up events, contacting and informing members of Circuit about upcoming sessions, publicising in different forms, time management and how to reply to email queries. BasicallyCircuit is giving me an all rounded experience of what it is like to work with people and for people. As I continue with the internship I hope I will be able to introduce more people to Circuit and help create even more fantastic events.