Evaluation Techniques Presentation

Our presentation to other young evaluators at our meetup at Firstsite, Colchester, May 2015.

The visit to Firstsite to present our evaluation techniques to other young people on the programme was well timed and much needed. It was a chance to collate our findings and progress, and begin to properly reflect on what we at Nottingham Contemporary have been up to, and most importantly how we have been evaluating it. It was also an opportunity to touch base again with the other young people involved with Circuit, and hear about their journeys as well as how they go about documenting and responding to the happenings at their respective galleries. I hope they found our presentation informative, insightful and inspiring. The presentation can be accessed by clicking on the title which acts as a hyperlink. I look forward to seeing the footage from the day to further evaluate myself on the quality of my presentation deliverance, but also to revise those from other people. I look forward to the next meetings, as this is an exciting enterprise to be part of and more chances to come together will strengthen our sense of unity while we carry on doing our own activities in between.