What is ‘Cylch’?

MOSTYN Cylch is looking for a name for the group. Key reasons; universal pronounceability (cluck?..clych? kilth?), and the fact that ‘Cylch Meithrin’ is a common name in Wales for toddlers play groups. Not great when you’re trying to be an edgy art collective; we need an identity.

So – as part of the process of coming up with names, we had to dig down to the bones of the thing… ‘What is Cylch?’ what are we actually about? We put this simple question to members of our group, asked them to explain it as they would to a friend, with no ‘official speak’ or buzz words – we’ve made up these graphics but the words are unaltered – so here is a true reflection of how our mission is coming across. We are aware at the same time that we need a second round of questions – ‘What do you want Cylch to be?’ I think once we’ve voted on a name and designed a logo – then we can really sit down together and write a real, group manifesto.

Cylch Quote 1

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