Celebrating two years of Circuit

Circulate member Charlotte of Whitworth Young Contemporaries writes about her experience at the Circuit national event…

London was again as hectic and fast-paced as always, and our visit to the Tate didn’t run as smoothly as planned. With a delayed train and cancelled tubes, we couldn’t wait to be within the company of those at the Gallery! We arrived and were as always greeted by the friendly and extremely helpful members of Circuit and as before an array of tea, coffee and cake, the perfect combination.

At first we suffered a few tiny glitches with our film but the tech team were ready, waiting and on hand to help. In this time we were able to settle in and get a feel for the event, with Team Digital’s visual and intriguing live projection mapping display to interactive workshops from galleries across the country, we couldn’t wait to get involved. There was a great energy to the event, the music, the dancing echoed through the Turbine Hall encouraging visitors of all ages to come and explore what we have to offer. It was great to see so many young and talented people in one place, all with the same determination and passion to want to help others become involved with the arts.


The day ran by without too many problems and it was encouraging to see visitors from across the country coming to watch and be a part of what Circuit has to offer. There was such a positive vibe from all staff and volunteer members across the board, which I think reflected the event itself. Everyone seemed to pull together and I think this showed by the way the visitors were engaging with the projects. I think we all should be very proud of the outcome, there are definitely things we could learn from this event but overall a successful day.