Team Digital

I have already begun to find working in Team Digital really useful. It helps support my work with Tate Collective Liverpool, to introduce more digital aspects to the programme as well as progress my own knowledge and experience in digital work. It feels really professional and fun! A lot of the stuff I’ve already learnt and seen could be applied to Tate Liverpool’s digital programme to improve its success, not just Tate Collective. Its nice to connect with other Circuit partners to learn from each other and stimulate ideas.

Team Digital are a group of young people, one from each partner gallery, who meet at regular intervals online facilitated by the Circuit Digital Producer. This is a self-led group who act as advocates for creative uses of digital within their respective Circuit programmes at each partner gallery, by sharing ideas, skills and knowledge to inform practice.

In this film, Team Digital talk about their experience of creating a live projection mapping installation at the Circuit celebration event at Tate Modern on the 20th June. Although Team Digital have been through a few different topics and tested out lots of digital tools, this was the first project to be exhibited publicly, and we are happy to say it was extremely well received both by visitors and by staff across Circuit and Tate. It’s important to Team Digital to share learning from each project, so that the new skills learnt can be used in other areas of programme across Circuit partner galleries; we use Storify to do this, and hope the below story enables other young people to understand how this kind of project can be replicated.