Circuit Celebration

Hi I’m Livius from the Circuit group at Kettle’s Yard and Wysing Arts Centre. Below are my thoughts on the national Circuit event Access, Change and Learning held at Tate Modern.

Tate Modern held an event to celebrate 2 years of Circuit. All groups from the other Circuit sites participated in creating and showing the public what they have done with Circuit.

My role for the day was to ask members of the public and from other Circuit groups questions of how they thought the day had gone, I also had the task of taking photos of specific things such as a workshop in action or an activity.

Digital display from Circuit projects.

Digital display from Circuit projects.

Taking part in this event has been a unique opportunity. It meant that I got to see what Tate Modern was like as well as meeting the other Circuit groups across the nation and see what they have created. Being involved with the event was exciting as I had never been to Tate before and was the first time I got to meet the other Circuit groups.

Throughout the day I talked to people who had similar interests in art as myself such as animation and watching what other people had created was fun, be that a display or a workshop. The event itself didn’t really inspire me however a couple of Circuit groups, such as the animation and the singing groups inspired my creativity, making me want to expand into other aspects of art.

I learned from the event, particularly the panel talk, that adults from different places around the world have heard of Circuit and are encouraging us ‘young people’ to keep engaging with the arts. I think the event felt purposeful to some of the Circuit groups who got to display their original ideas.  From asking members of the public questions about the event I don’t think their attitudes towards young people have changed, be that because they never had an opinion to begin with, or because they didn’t know what the event was or who it was run by.

Tate Liverpools Circuit group's workshop

Tate Liverpool’s Circuit group’s workshop

Overall the experience of the day was positive for me because it was the first time I went to Tate and met with the other Circuit groups, and saw what the other groups had been doing. I think in the future there should be more communication between the Circuit groups so we know what we can and can’t do before the event and prepare ourselves for the day. For example, Cambridge Circuit group couldn’t do their original workshop so had to change it to a film, this was similar to another Circuit group who had to change their original plan that disappointed members of Circuit. If there had been more practical workshops involved it would of felt more of a celebration. Also I think there should be more advertising of Circuit so people who go to events like the one at Tate know that it is on and what it is and who its run by.