Foyer Animations

‘I created my first ever animation today and I really enjoyed watching it come to life’. 

Animation with young people from The Foyer, Cambridge

As part of a Circuit Cambridge we have been delivering projects with young people at The Foyer. Following on from building up their drawing skills with artist David Kefford and gaining their Bronze Arts Award, the group are now working on animation projects with artists Tracy & Hobbs, supporting them to achieve the Silver Arts Award.

Taking inspiration from the New Rhythms exhibition at Kettle’s Yard, young people from the Foyer were keen to explore movement through learning about various animation techniques, including hand drawn animation and light graffiti. This has led the young people to develop their own animation techniques, including ‘fanimation’ – adding drawings to fans to create a moving image and creating paper circuits that flicker electricity across graphite drawn on paper.


The group are intending to put the skills they have learnt into practice through leading workshops for other young people to create their own animations at the Foyer and at Circuit events. The group has had the opportunity to reflect on each other’s work – it has been brilliant to hear the young people praising each other’s practice with comments like:

‘The way you draw is like an amazing computer programme has done it’

 ‘I have never seen electricity on paper before – it was so cool!’


You can view the group’s work in progress in this short video. Please do leave any comments you have, these can then feed into the group’s Arts Award documentation – Thank-you!

Foyer Animation Project from Circuit Cambs on Vimeo.