June 11th… Did you have fun?



This graph was produced during an evaluation workshop about the event at Whitworth on June 11th. I asked everyone to collect a coloured tape and use this against the scale to represent their thoughts on the event. As you can see it’s quite a visual piece that I think reflects the group as a whole. It’s vibrant and interesting, perhaps slightly messy in some areas but I think that’s an area to work on; presentation and materials. It was great to see all members of the group participate to create something visually and something that we can all work on as a whole.

I think somehow the most obvious area that perhaps needs the most work is represented under the question: ‘How well do you think we reached our target audience?’ As we only had a small group at this session, it perhaps didn’t represent the full scope of the thoughts and ideas expressed by WYC but I think it is a start in creating a good representation. Perhaps this graph also shows that WYC itself feels as though they weren’t represented to their best ability, and this is something that we will consequently focus on over the up and coming months.

Overall, I think that the workshop could have gone better but I think this was a good start to my evaluation work. I think the graph could be expanded and worked on but I felt that the group engaged well with this activity as a whole. It was also great to see our resident artist taking a part within the workshop as my drawing activity I think helped to see what people thought of the event as a whole. It was really interesting to get more of a visual representation of the event.


Charlotte Davies