This is what me, running an event looks like

This is what it looks like to set up for an event – yes it’s exhausting, but a challenge, exciting and rewarding also!

I thought it would be cool to make a video, using our new go-pro – to show different elements of setting up and running an event for a young community.

Here is a breakdown of what you can see in the video (although there is a lot more that happens off camera):

  • briefing technicians
  • moving materials
  • moving equipment
  • eating a banana!
  • moving furniture
  • setting up lighting
  • checking texts from photographer
  • uploading visuals onto external memory
  • checking emails
  • talking to group on facebook
  • physically helping technicians
  • clearing up space
  • feeding group
  • getting money for travel
  • welcoming visitors
  • connecting to security
  • briefing filmographer
  • (Director and Artist looking around)
  • instructing event technician
  • answering group queries (multiple)
  • checking event is signposted
  • exchanging information with other Circuit staff
  • making sure core group are ok
  • recording the number of visitors
  • talking to young entrepreneurs
  • keep hydrated!
  • signposting visitors to different contacts
  • supporting collaborating young groups
  • topping up food
  • look around event and
  • relax (until take down!)