Don’t walk on the grass!














Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge is an amazing example of how the Arts can still reach out to people within such rural areas of the country. Set in a stunning location within a vast area of the Cambridgeshire countryside, it was great to explore an Arts centre outside the hustle and bustle of a City. After our tour of the centre and having the pleasure of speaking to numerous members of the Circuit team from across the country we began to discuss our main aim for the day; evaluation.

Collectively, we came together to discuss the positives and negatives of all our evaluation techniques from some of our most recent events. It is always constructive to gain insight into how some of the other Circuit sites run their evaluation. I was definitely keen to keep a close eye out for fresh ideas that we could therefore develop within the Whitworth. It also had a really positive impact on myself to hear that some of our evaluation techniques were commended by some of the other groups; The Thumb Print Map, Evaluation Bunting that has encouraged me to pursue some of these ideas further and re-use for future events.

Myself only, representing the Whitworth really inspired me to mix with the other groups, and therefore helped me to discuss evaluation in more depth and how their Galleries are run when it comes to learning engagement. I thought that this was really important, as it’s vital to gain new ideas from different members of the organisation.

After devising new ways and discussing new ideas for questionnaires, the forms we use as part of Circuit and how we make evaluation fun for us and the visitors, we arrived at The Fitzwilliam Museum within the heart of Busy Cambridge. We again discussed what other members of the circulate group have been developing in regards to evaluation over their up and coming events within October. It was interesting and important for myself, as lead evaluator at the Whitworth to grasp the aims of the other Galleries and explore what is crucial to them and their event.  On the 10th October Cambridge will be holding their festival, which will be of great interest to me and my fellow young contemporaries as this will help us to further gain knowledge and relevant information/ ideas of what can be used for our next events.

We had the chance to explore Cambridge briefly walking through the stunning architecture, busy centre and universities on such a glorious day! We were taken through cobbled streets and untouched gardens that created a huge impression on others and myself, which has definitely made me want to return. Culturally Cambridge appeared to be thriving which is what interested me so much and has encouraged me to want to go back and explore further. I felt that I got more out of this experience, being able to search the city in all its glory, and having the opportunity as a representative of the Whitworth to visit somewhere I have never been before. I am hoping that this experience will pursue my enthusiasm for evaluation as over the past few months I have found my confidence to grow drastically.