Summer Garden Party

Not being able to attend the Whitworth Young Contemporaries Presents: Summer Garden Party was a huge disappointment as I really wanted to get involved and help put all our hard work and planning into practice but from what I heard the team did an impressive job. On the whole I heard that the event was a success, as some of the comments from the public were great and a real pleasure to hear: “The music was fantastic! The activities were fun”…“Fun workshop and relaxed, chilled atmosphere”. The WYC should again be commended for their efforts.


I felt that I could have planned the evaluation much better and on a much larger scale but this of course was not the case and was not applicable at this particular event. The number of comments was small, but in a way the quality was great and positive and I think something that could be pushed for our next event. The bunting, I think worked well as it was inclusive of the public; it allowed them to get involved and give us a small idea of how they thought the event was. This could really work on a much bigger scale as I think people enjoyed having the chance to draw and project across some of their feelings and thoughts.

Speaking with the WYC after the event, it was clear that we have a number of areas that could be improved and worked on to make the next event even more of a success. I think this shows progress and is relevant to the work we all do, and shows in a positive way that we are definitely going in the right direction. From the group it was clear that the main areas we need to focus on are better promotion, advertising, and targeting the age group of 13-18 year olds. I think it is clear that we have more focus on families and older groups at present, which is something to have in the back of our mind.


Overall, I feel that the evaluation was lacking for this event in particular, as I felt that the comments fed back from the public were helpful but in limited quantity. The comments were all positive and I felt that people enjoyed getting involved but in order to get a more varied result, evaluation needs to be pushed in order for us to improve as a youth group. One of the main areas that I think had a really positive effect was the drumming workshop. It shows that there was a variety to the event and with comments such as: “Drumming was amazing”… “Drums, percussion, poetry, PERFECT”, shows clearly that there was all sorts of involvement from different members of the public. This is definitely something to be taken forward for our next event as I feel we are moving forward in a positive way but that there is definitely room to grow in terms of evaluating and planning for the next event.