Technological Disobedience – a mighty sound juggernaut

This coming weekend, Llandudno celebrates its third annual LLAWN festival and artists from around the world will be taking to the streets to celebrate the town’s past, present and future in an unique way. Here at GLITCH, we’ve been very busy making plans (and a whole lot of noise) in preparation for the event.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been working closely with Charles Gershom, a local artist and technologist, who has been teaching us about glitch audio and helping us build a mighty sound juggernaut for LLAWN03. (Okay, it’s really an old shopping trolley that we’ve commandeered and strapped speakers to, but it still looks pretty spectacular.)

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 11.47.56

With Charles’s help, we organised an all-day circuit bending workshop and lots of old, electronic toys were sacrificed for the cause. Plastic keyboards, colourful trains, musical farmyards – no childhood pastime was too sacred. We broke them apart, pored over their wiry innards and with soldering irons and crocodile clips, we manipulated their circuit boards to create all-new sounds.

Afterwards, we continued this work at our weekly GLITCH sessions and gradually adapted the idea so we could take it public at LLAWN. We wanted to produce something that was transportable and interactive, so that we could reach as many people as possible, and thus the idea of a LOUD and GLITCHY sound machine was born.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 11.47.05

We’ve been working on the finished product ever since, with one final push at our session tonight. We look forward to letting it loose on Llandudno this weekend and meeting lots of festival-goers. Hopefully, we draw attention towards our group and raise our profile in the area. With the amount of noise we’ll be making, I’m sure we will.

– Jess Cripps, Circulate member at MOSTYN

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 11.51.15

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 11.48.17