The Adventures of Ar-T

On the 19th of September it was our D-Day for Ar-T, the portable sound machine that we had created out a trolley, wood, and various mini commuting chips.

A couple of minutes after 12 o’clock, Tom (the leader of our group), Louis and I rolled out onto the streets of Llandudno with Ar-T, and we rolled straight into our first problem. This was that over the bumps and groves of the ground along our street quite literally shook Ar-T to death. The device was broken, and would not produce any sound, despite there being plenty of power. So we went to see Charles, the artist who helped us to create the device. Charles worked on fixing our device for the good part of an hour, until he got it to work again. The problem was that the various bumps on the ground shook Ar-T that much that several of the wires popped out of there respective sockets, and unfortunately two wires touched and were not supposed to, this then meant that one of the mini computers burnt out, and therefore was rendered useless. So to bypass this Charles glued everything down even more than previously and hard wired everything directly to the power, so it would in theory always have power. Charles also include an emergency kill switch. After this we took Ar-T back into the centre of town, so we could grab some chips for lunch.

Here's a photo of Ar-T, the sound machine that we had created.

Here’s a photo of Ar-T, the sound machine that we had created.

After lunch we took Ar-T along the prom to display Ar-T to the other events and people who came out to Llawn. It was pretty busy, there must have been at least 200 plus people along the Prom, all there for Llawn. It was remarkable to see the difference in age ranges, there was little children, elderly people, teens and people who were just approaching middle age, all came out to see Llandudno’s to see Llawn. Ar-T embodied this diversity in age range, despite being made by and for teenagers. This was because we had people from all age ranges coming over to see the Ar-T. The audience was very in intrigued by Ar-T, the main question that people asked us was ‘what is it?’, to which we normally replied with ‘a sound machine’ or ‘we came here to make noise’. This was our main purpose at Llawn, to make noise, make a scene, have fun and to get people interested in Glitch. Overall the response from the audience was one of delight, enjoyment and of course wonder at the machine that we had created. We carried on up along the prom, giving out flyers, and people kept coming over, until we reached the pier. Once we made up the length of the prom and arrived at the Mr & Mrs Clark Medicine Show the huge battery we had for Ar-T had died. So we pushed our dead hero back to MOSTYN, knowing that he had done us well. We then had pizza and we after this we called it a successful day.

Written by Conner Davies.


Here you can see the various computers and controls that are used to make the sound coming out of Ar-T