Graphic Design Workshop

On the 5th of October a locally based graphic designer Ronan Devlin came into our Circuit session with the aim to help us to create and come up with ideas for the graphic identity of our next gallery exhibition following our successful Gallery One show, that took place this time last year. The exhibition is called ‘Ampersand’ and is based on the idea of collaboration. We are going to use the ampersand symbol, (which is &), this will be used as the main symbol of the exhibition and we started off with this symbol.

Ronan brought with him some ampersand symbols that he printed off onto paper and onto tracing paper. This was so we could experiment with placing the ampersands on top of each other, to create a composite logo for each of our pieces. Some of these can be seen below.

After we created these, we then experiment painting with the photocopier. Yes, I had the same reaction, it is possible to paint with a photocopier and it is beautifully simple. All you do is place the piece of paper onto the photocopier and then move the piece of paper around as you copy. This then creates extremely interesting and complex shapes and patterns. Examples of these can be seen below.

The workshop has really helped us a group to visualise our exhibition and what we want as a graphic identity for our exhibition. We look forward to working with Ronan in the future and we cannot wait to get our exhibition up into the gallery space in Mostyn.

Written and images taken by Conner Davies.