Unlocking Cambridge

Circuit: Unlock Cambridge festival set the bar very high indeed, such a theatrical performance; it embodied what a youth festival should be about. Throughout the day there was a continuous flow of fantastic and engaging events that I couldn’t wait to get involved with. As soon as we arrived we were greeted very openly by both attendees from Kettle’s Yard and Wysing Arts Centre and were introduced to what the day had on offer.


DSC_0438_2One of the main things that stood out to me was the way all of their workshops seemed to encompass the City of Cambridge and the way it has been developed and how the population has increased over the past few years. The day consisted of a hilarious theatrical ‘Alternative tour’ in which they allowed us to explore Cambridge in a more unusual and interesting way! Ending up on a barge showered with tea and cake was a great way to end a fact filled tour of this busy City. I documented the day and the ideas that they used for their evaluation methods, which has been exceptionally helpful for the development of our own festival.


They used a variety of ideas that included the tablecloth that encouraged you to make notes and draw on; a great way to gain positive and negative feedback regarding the event. The other activities were incredibly engaging, held within the marquee on Jesus Green, it catered for all weathers and luckily the rain held off!

It was clearly apparent that they had put a lot of hard work and effort into this festival having appeared to engage people from all backgrounds and ages and the evening party didn’t fail to impress. From local artists artwork, music and dancers to the saxophonist on the roof of the church, it was apparent that they had put a lot of time and thought into the acts and performers that were used for the festival. Another great way to evaluate was the chalkboard that people were encouraged to write and draw on, and by the end was full of colour and looked great on display.


Overall, Circuit: Unlock Cambridge festival was certainly a fantastic event that gathered in a variety of people from all ages across the City. The event was an exciting performance that was well planned and inclusive of people from all ages and backgrounds. The work that was displayed; the music and the performers were local and showcased some of the great talent of the City. They have helped me to gain new and fresh ideas on evaluation and will be looking forward to visiting the next festival within Nottingham!


Charlotte Davies, Circulate member