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On the 28th of November Mostyn Gallery hosted its first gig organised by Glitch. The night was a success as we had people young and old come in and listen to the acts that we had laid out for them. In total we had three local artist preform.

Joe Berry From Rhuddlan

Joe’s style was heavily influenced by classic acoustic guitar artist like Bob Dylan. He preformed five songs, of which 2 were his own songs that he had written himself. Joe’s performance was him playing his guitar while singing. Some of the songs he preformed included Budapest by George Ezra, I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons and Days Like This by Van Morrison. Links to the artist are below.

Joe Berry

Joe Berry

Sera, from Bala and Caernarfon

The next act was two girls, who called themselves Sera, from Bala and Caernarfon. One of the women played the played the acoustic guitar and piano, while the other woman played the violin. They had a more upbeat and acoustic feel to their music. They only performed songs that they had written themselves, which are available on iTunes. Some of the songs they sang were in Welsh, which was a nice contrast to the English songs that they had also performed. Some of the songs that they sang included Melody, Creative Side (inspired when she worked in the gallery in Caernarfon), Oes Yn Ôl-Ages Ago, Elinor, Lifeboat and Dyma Fi-It’s Me. Links to the artist are below.



Huw V Williams Trio from Bangor 

Our final act was a trio from Bangor who partake in freeform jazz. They preformed three different songs. The band consisted of a double base, piano, and a drum kit. There music style was quite different, good, it blended classic jazz, with an upbeat and more modern tone of music. It was quite impressive as the songs were quite complex and layered, but still flowed quite nicely. They are going on tour in November and there links are also below.

Huw V Williams Trio

Huw V Williams Trio

Thanks for everyone who turned up to the event, and made the gig night a huge success! We hope to have similar events in the future!

Evaluation of the Event;

Overall the event was a good first trial of a gig in Mostyn. The things that work well was the location of the set up. It worked well in the enclosed caffe and gave the gig an element of closeness and intimacy that you don’t get in traditional larger gigs. Another good thing about the gig that worked well was the fact that the gigs got progressively more loud and more complex, it help to ease the audience into the atmosphere. However, I personally felt that the Huw V Williams Trio didn’t fit in to well with the other acts, as their act was more complex and didn’t fit in well with the acoustic feel of the other two acts. I also personally felt that the projections on the wall were a bit to touch for the enclosed space, it felt as if they were a distraction and the set up took up to much extra space, that could have been used for additional seating.

Written by Conner Davies.

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