A Feast for the Senses

I’m Livius from Circuit Cambridge. We recently visited Nottingham Contemporary to take part in the Circuit festival there. I’ve gathered some of my thoughts about the day in the blog below:

Nottingham Contemporary – Affinity Festival

On the 6th and 7th of November Nottingham’s Circuit group curated their festival – Affinity at Nottingham Contemporary. Although we were only there for the last day we were excited at what they had set out and achieved to do. With a variation of music and workshops it was a day not to miss out on.

One thing I particularly enjoyed was one of the workshops that involved using your senses to understand the place you were in and how to change a space to make in more convenient for you, we had gold foil that we got to interpret in any way we wanted, which we decided to first make cloths out of and then held it up to the wind to see the movement and hear the sound the combination made. Plus we got to design (and keep) our very own lab coats.


Other activities of the day included a unique jewellery workshop involving glow in the dark wire and flashing lights and a ‘look up’ booth where you got your portrait made by an artist in exchange for your comment. As for the entertainment Nottingham’s Circuit had a mixture. From singers in the bar/lounge area and a whole room dedicated to bands to having a room where you could watch popular movies all day if thats what you preferred.

I found their methods of evaluation interesting and imaginative. For example one method was writing your comment of a small piece of paper, rolling it up and putting it into a log that had small holes drilled into it, afterwards you rubbed out the previous number on a chalk board and added one more – this was to keep track of how many comments were left. I think this was a smart approach in knowing how many people left their comment, rather than having to count them individually at the end of the night.

All in all Nottingham Contemporary’s Affinity festival was a blast and would of been a shame for anyone that had missed it. Well done Nottingham!!