Art & Skateboarding




Artist Jan Miller documents MOSTYN Glitch’s partnership with Pixel, West Rhyl Young People’s Project (WRYPP).

Monday 16th November started early and ended late after the Manchester trip with Pixel, Rhyl Young People’s Project.

First stop, Manchester Art Gallery


We headed through the Pre-Raphaelites in Gallery 5, stopping for a brief introduction to the ideas behind 150 years of product design (through the medium of a William Morris chair), then up the stairs and under the heart of Anthony Gormley’s Filter. A brief rest at the Absent Presence exhibition where we talked about Sir Thomas Aston at the Deathbed of His Wife  (who knew the painting was so massive?).


And on again to the top floor and the triumph of Mathew Derbyshire’s: An Exhibition for Modern Living. Along with a visit to Dawson’s Music & the Black Sheep stores, it was an absolutely jam-packed morning.

That said, the trip was always about the skateboarding.


image © Jan Miller 2015

Straight after lunch, we headed to Projeckts MCR to shoot Pixel’s skateboarding video.


image © Jan Miller 2015


image © Jan Miller 2015

Art, music, food, skateboards, everybody was happy!


image © Jan Miller 2015

Back in Rhyl yesterday, myself, Chris & Gareth worked with the Pixel group on publicity stills, post-production techniques, music composition & first edits for the video.


This is part of a series of blogs about the Tate Circuit/MOSTYN Glitch partnership with PIXEL West Rhyl Young People’s Project