Keeping it Rhyl

© Jan Miller

Pont y Ddraig Cycle Bridge, Rhyl Harbour © Jan Miller 2015


Looking forward to seeing everyone at Pixel in Rhyl tomorrow on my first visit of the new year. As part of a project partnership with MOSTYN, I’ve been working as an artist with the staff at Pixel’s multi-media, alternative education programme based in West Rhyl Young People’s Project (WRYPP). We’re working across a range of media including music, filmmaking, photography, programming and graphics, towards a mini skateboard event planned at Easter. More to be announced as we progress and the weeks go by.

In the meantime, and with their permission, I’ve uploaded Cole & Luke’s video – their work-in-progress using footage recorded at Rhyl Skate Park and new images shot on our trip to projektsMCR in November (see previous blog); James and Luke are in the process of writing and recording an original track for the final short and Connor is working on large format stills from the same trip (thanks Connor for the perfect ‘Keeping it Rhyl’ headline). In between we’ll be visiting the gallery and making merry with as many images as is humanly possible to fit-in to each and every session! Thanks to Cole & Luke for working so hard on the first edit of their skateboard video – sorry I had to upload it as the silent version for copyright reasons. Still looks great. Happy Creative Year!


This is part of a series of blogs about the Tate Circuit/MOSTYN Glitch partnership with PIXEL West Rhyl Young People’s Project 

Read more about MOSTYN Glitch’s partnership with Pixel, West Rhyl Young People’s Project (WRYPP) here:

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