Phantom: Observer to Participator


So inventive! and what an incredible way to use the building. Such a subversive use of space and a great illustration of the potential of digital art forms. I hope everyone feels very proud. – Nicola Sim, Circuit PhD researcher

A special late night opening at Firstsite as part of Museums at Night. An evening where any understanding you had of Firstsite will be completely transformed. An evening which will simultaneously make you feel your senses and take them away! As you are guided through the low-lit space you will experience the echoes of the arts gallery you are familiar with; Firstsite will become nothing more than an apparition. Immersive projections, interactive installations and mind-blowing performance will keep your expectations surprised and your curiosity alive.

Featuring installations and performances from young artists:

Lloyd Smith / Ross Mason / Frazer Merrick / Bradley Parker / George Sparkes / Jody Padmore / Daisy HP / Maddie Wheeler/ Isaac James / Andi Mill  / Chaz Allington Lodge / Sorcha Keay-Chaplin / Henry Driver

The way people reacted was better than we could have imagined and such a variety of audiences too! The little ones were loving the playfulness and interactivity, just as were the adults. The education side of the piece could work well with going to other art organisations and would be something amazing to be a part of! – Lloyd Smith, Young Art Kommunity


Rust is a piece produced by dodo – a collaborative art/performance practice between two practitioners, Ross and Lloyd. The work brings both individuals practices and combines to create an inter-disciplinary work featuring elements of installation, film, sculpture, paint and performance. More infomation



The whole evening was an overwhelming success and installation art is definitely something I can see myself exploring more in the future, I learnt so much from this first time and the feedback from the public was fantastic! – Frazer Merrick, Young Art Kommunity

I wanted the space to be very relaxing, so I picked organic sounds e.g; countryside bird song and the sound of a thunder storm. For the latter I even made the conductive object a glass of water, meaning you had to put your finger in the water to make the connection which was got some fantastic reactions from people! – More infomation


During Phantom George and Brad conducted a live evaluation in the form of a theatre like performance, during this they invited members of the public attending the event to sit with us for some coffee and a slice of cake to discuss the happenings of the night.

This is quite strange, I’ve never seen the building in the dark before, it’s quite pretty to see all of the colours glowing everywhere. The interactive light show in the room just over there is brilliant. it is a very welcoming atmosphere, I think I’ll write my name with some glowing pens after this coffee.


It was great to see Phantom last week, and lovely to see such a lot of people 
(all ages enjoying the evening together).  I loved the way the exhibits 
were used to change visitors roles from; observer to participator.  I 
thought the ‘arrow trail’ was excellent and a fun way of being shown round 
the exhibition, but I wasn’t always sure what I was looking at and how to get 
the most from the exhibits, but perhaps I missed the programme. It was lovely to see
 Andi and Isaac take a back seat at the start and let the audience become the
– Gill Cullum, Firstsite Circuit Critical Friend


I really enjoyed creating works to take advantage of the building’s architecture and it was great to have so many brilliant responses to the way I had transformed the space through projections and installations. Henry Driver, Visual Artist


“I was really impressed by how people worked with real focus on their individual projects, but managed to work as a group to fit them altogether to become one coherent event. It was an interesting kind of democracy. Everybody allowed everybody else a lot of space, but the individual aspects worked together – perhaps this is testament to the choice of a really strong but flexible theme? I think ‘Phantom’ really gives the audience a very clear sense of the *kind* of event they’ll be entering, but with a massively wide spectrum of what it could include. Good theme choice people! Let’s remember that and learn to repeat it. Not the theme, but the clarity of choice.

The focus and commitment with which people worked on their individual projects meant that they were realised with a really high level of professionalism, production values and artistic value.” Hester Chillingworth, Firstsite Circuit Associate Artist