Pixilation Workshop

Just before Christmas we got together with Illustrator and Animator Sarah Spendlove for a stop-motion masterclass. Happy Space Sloth run workshops with a philosophy of accessibility, so all materials and software used were as inexpensive as possible. We asked Sarah to talk about the workshop, and how it relates to our ongoing theme of collaboration.

‘It was a real pleasure to work with people who had such a wide variety of skills, and see how they applied their knowledge in a creative and stimulating way to a medium most had never used before. Applying motion to an inanimate object is no easy task, but with a learning curve in studying motion and timing, the group soon took to it like a duck to water.

Looking at the end results of the workshop, it’s easy to let the animations take centre stage, but it all rests on the support and team work of the animators, camera operators, designers and so many more roles. Collaboration is an core theme in animation that relies on a whole team to turn a piece of clay, or an armature into a living, breathing being. An individual could make an animation by taking on all of the roles themselves, but the really exciting and emotionally captivating moments in a scene often occur through the organic sharing of ideas between two or more people.

The day was about learning from each other; and as they progressed, they developed their initial ideas into well paced, fully formed animations.’


Check out the final animations above, or see more of Sarah’s work here.