Ssshhhhh! Listen Up!







In November 2015 YAK Artists Ross, Lloyd and Frazer were invited to create a sound performance/workshop for young children/families across 12 performances in December. Frazer has reflected on the production of the performance, and the importance of using your imagination.

Having been given such free reign, we immediately pulled out some A1 paper and started to brainstorm ideas. We knew we wanted it to be interactive and that it operate on two levels, stimulating both the young children and their parents.

The creation process was very organic and after many discussions we realised that we wanted to keep it low-tech whilst still remaining creatively impressive. We decided that foley from everyday objects would be the centre of the performance, with listening exercises alongside to introduce concepts and ideas that were more abstract.


Before we knew it, we’d written a narrative. The children had became sound explorers and upon entering our arctic laboratory they were there to help us (Dr Yeti, Dr Blizzard and Dr Oats) find the sounds for Dr Carrots nature documentary!



We used sand paper for skiing sounds, bubblewrap for ice cracking, paper bags for fire crackling…and so much more. Importantly however, there were no right or wrong ways to create the sounds. The purpose of the explorative workshop was to give the children the ambition and imagination to turn inanimate objects into weird and wonderful sounds. Stones in a box become a haunted garden path, rubbing a balloon became a fox howling in the night.

The event was a resounding success, with some parents asking how long we’d be performing as a theatre company…! Video to follow soon.