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Pixel at MOSTYN 8th February © Dion Hamer 2016More images from the gallery visit by the MOSTYN partnership group, Pixel.

We spent the day exploring Glitch’s ‘& On Collaboration’, Diango Hernandez ‘Time Islands & Space Islands’ and ‘WAR II‘.

I’m hoping to feedback directly from the group tomorrow when myself and Dion Hamer are back in their base at the West Rhyl Young People’s Project.

In the meantime, thanks to all the Pixel people for making the day great!


Members of Pixel explore one of MOSTYN’s War II exhibits © Dion Hamer 2016


Exploring WAR II © Dion Hamer 2016


WAR II © Dion Hamer 2016


Exploring WAR II © Dion Hamer


© Dion Hamer


© James 2016


This is part of a series of blogs about MOSTYN Glitch partnership with PIXEL West Rhyl Young People’s Project as part of Circuit.