My experiences with Circuit


The author (front left) leading an activity around the theme of ‘Exchange’ at our last Young@Tate

Ever since I was told about the Circuit programme, I have changed as a person and as an artist.
During my time with Circuit, I have met so many great people who have given me some insight into what I want to do after school and college.

The Summer Circuit project ended with a bang with the Young@Tate day which left me wanting to participate more with the Tate. This lead me on to join in with The Magic Bus which really was magic!

When on the Magic Bus, I met some more great people and went to some art galleries which I wouldn’t have been able to have gone to before.
Now, I’m a part of the Festival Lab which is equally as fun. I hope to keep my experiences with the Tate positive for the future.

By Hannah Goodman