We had a fantastic time with one of Mostyn’s Circuit partnerships, PIXEL (West Rhyl Young People’s Project), at the gallery yesterday. Myself and digital artist & musician, Dion Hamer, are still processing the images and video taken in the gallery but I wanted to upload Naomi’s great clip taken in the Tube asap (also, this is the first time I’ve made a GIF so please bear with me!).


WAR II ©Naomi Horlock 2016

Biggest hits during the day with were, as ever, the Glitch mini polaroids (James’ favourite), & the giant table drawing. By special request from Luke, this is now rolled-up in my car and awaits delivery to Pixel tonight – everyone wants to keep going with it and completely ‘fill it in” – brilliant!  Fran said the whole day “was fun” and everyone agreed, which was THE best feedback after a jam-packed day.

Diango Hernandez 'Time Islands & Space Islands' ©Naomi Horlock 2016

Diango Hernandez
‘Time Islands & Space Islands’
©Naomi Horlock 2016

Loads to say about the everything that happened on the visit but that’s going to take a bit of sifting and sorting. In the meantime, here’s some rather nifty footage and stills taken by Naomi, with much, much more to follow!


WAR II ©Naomi Horlock 2016


This is part of a series of blogs about MOSTYN Glitch partnership with PIXEL West Rhyl Young People’s Project as part of Circuit.