Adapter Needed

Last Wednesday Adam Carr (curator at Mostyn), got invited to talk at Tate Liverpool about his experience working with young people at Mostyn.

Adam thought that it would be a good idea to get some members of the group to talk with him about our experience working with him. Alaw and Will were chosen to speak about their experiences of the programme and how it has helped him. So we left Mostyn bright and early and arrived in Tate Liverpool just after lunch time, so we had a bit of time to look round the galleries that are currently on show at Tate Liverpool.

I really like the various exhibitions and pieces on show at the moment in the gallery. Then after looking round Constellations and the Matisse in Focus shows, we headed up for our talk.

The talk was due to start at 13:00 however there was a slight issue. This was because despite Tate Liverpool asking what computer were we using, and Adam telling them that we will be using the newest MacBook Pro, Tate Liverpool did not get the adapter ready. After a lengthy session looking for it they still did not find the adapter. So we transferred the PowerPoint onto a memory stick to place the PowerPoint onto a Windows laptop. However, the first laptop they got wouldn’t log on, and neither would the second laptop, it was indeed a case of third time lucky! But almost an hour late the presentation started.

The Actual Talk

The talk took place in Art Gym, which is the show created by the Circuit group Tate Collective Liverpool. It was a good and well presented show, however I feel that it was not aimed at the Circuit age range, as I felt that it was aimed more at the younger children, due to the type of activities on show.

Overall the talk went well with Adam starting off talking about his work in Italy and at Mostyn throughout the years. Then Alaw spoke about how Glitch has given amazing opportunities, and Will spoke about how it has changed what he wants to do in future and experience that he couldn’t get from anywhere else. I was there to introduce each speaker and MC the talk. However, apart from staff only about 4 members of the public turned up, which was massively disappointing.

Overall the day went rather well, it gave us a good insight in a couple of do’s and don’ts for out festival later on this year, which is that no matter how well or much you plan ahead you cannot plan for things that are not in your control.