Glitch Presents After Hours, Ft. UV

For our fourth gig we had a different look and feel to it. Instead of our normal three acts, we only had two acts, this was down to the fact that one of our acts unfortunately pulled out at the last minute.


Lastigband is a local rock band that performed at the start and end of the evening to make up for the act cancelation. They caused quite a stir and a ruckus, as they were very loud! It was the loudest band we have ever had in MOSTYN, so loud in fact that you could barely hear the person next to you talking. It was that loud that we got our first ever complaints about noise coming from the building. Don’t get me wrong, they were good and had nice musical style, it was just too darn loud for a small enclosed space such as the café.

Glitch After Hours LastigBand

Ben Willingham

Our next, and last act was Ben Willingham who had a more of an acoustic feel to his music. I personally prefer his style of music, as you could at least hear the person next to you talking. But his performance in my opinion was one of the best upbeat acoustic artists that we have had in MOSTYN on one of these band nights.

Glitch After Hours Ben Willingham


The activity we had this time was a UV dance floor arrangement.  People could walk up to a table and draw on to a blank white t-shirt with some neon pens that we had. Then they could dance in the UV dance floor. On the roof we’d attached two UV lamps, so their white t-shirts and the ink on the shirts would light up and glow. People really enjoyed the activity and would often dance on the floor. It also helped that we had a projection, projecting some art work, created by a member of the group. Which led to people creating shadow puppets, and I lost count of how many 1970s James Bond style shadow dancing I saw from people. We also came up with the idea of the chance to win a prize if you filled out a feedback form. The prize was a chocolate bunny, and we gave three of them away to people who filled out the form. This worked very well as the majority of people filled out the form so they could have won the prize.


Overall, despite the loudness of Lastigband, and subsequent complaints, the band night was one of the most successful we’ve ever had. This is down to the fact that we had a lower turn out, which normally sounds like a bad thing, but this time it really helped out! This is because people were more inclined to socialise and hang out with each other, we created the single best atmosphere we have ever had on one of our band nights which the public, and Glitch members loved. So it goes to show how even if you low turn out, it can still be one of your best activity nights ever.


Written and photographed by Conner Davies.