Keepie Uppie

Monday’s music video shoot at Pixel West Rhyl’s Young People’s Project roared into life after a rocky start when musician James couldn’t make the morning session.



Despite this small but near disastrous delay, everyone rallied to the creative cause, skateboarding, drumming, strumming, filming and even inventing the Pixel luge for Dion’s green screen until James arrived.

The Pixel Luge © Fran 2016

Pixel © Jan Miller 2016

Pixel Music Video Shoot 29th Feb © Jan Miller 2016

Pixel Music Shoot 29 2 16 © Jan Miller 2016

Pixel Music Shoot 29 2 16
© Jan Miller 2016

A session of keepie uppie with a green football (can’t wait to see the footage), perfectly sums-up the day. We didn’t stop. Well, except for lunch. But, as well as some amazing new footage for the music video, we now have the 1st draft of the poster for the ‘Keep it Rhyl’ skate event (scheduled for 21st March), thanks to Gareth’s Illustrator expertise & Fran’s hard work on image selection & badge branding.

Keep it Rhyl badge test ©Jan Miller 2016

‘Keep it Rhyl’ Badge test ©Jan Miller 2016


Gareth demonstrating Illustrator © Jan Miller 2016

One of the highlights for me was showing Kieron how to upload his slideshow of Pixel’s Manchester skateboarding trip directly to the Circuit website. The slideshow was completed in December but it’s the first time I’ve had the chance to show him how to access the site and the fact that it happened at all during the session is a small but significant triumph in this keepie uppie kind of a day!

Pixel © Fran 2016

Pixel © Fran 2016

We’ve got DJ Hollie Proffit coming to work on the event playlist with the group next Monday afternoon and a few more green screen shots in the morning. Oh, and some music to record in “the other room”. I don’t know where that is but Dion does. Which is just as well.


This is part of a series of blogs about MOSTYN Glitch partnership with PIXEL West Rhyl Young People’s Project as part of Circuit.