Artful Tactics

Artful Tactics was commissioned by Tate and the Circuit programme to develop creative and/or experimental work around the theme of organisational change. Previous blogs about the commission can be found here>> and here>>.

Earlier this year I completed the work and put together a pack for the next commissioned staff member of Circuit, Sally Noall from Tate St Ives. Although the pack is physical – complete with memory sticks and paper sketches it also exists digitally in sections, which are available for you to see below.


Phase .1.

Focus on organisational change


  1. Three Zines

Three zines made over three days of a residency at Wysing Arts Centre. The zines document the research AT conducted around organisational change during time away from the office.


  1. Preliminary Organisational Change Diagram Sketches

Sketches made after the residency and building on diagrams made at the end of the Day .3. zine.

Sketch1 Sketch2 Sketch3

Original works are A1 drawings and stamped by AT


  1. Organisational Change Diagram

This diagram shows the result of the residency and is the final visualisation after the preliminary sketches. The words Collective and Organisation can be substituted for other words which describe communities. For example, ‘Collective’ could be exchanged for ‘Gallery’ and ‘Organisation’ substituted for ‘Local Council’.

Organisational change

 Diagram was created in collaboration with Ku Ku designs 


Phase .2.

Focus on personal evaluation


  1. What are you waiting for year 1 and 2

Two digital sound pieces, showing AT’s ‘to-do-lists’ for year 1 and 2 of the Circuit programme as sound waves. The sound is created by photographs of the to do lists being ‘read’ as music files. What are you waiting for year 2 is slightly different to What are you waiting for year 1 as skills used to make the first piece were honed when AT made the second digital work, representing the development of skills in the programme as a whole.

Works will be shown projected in a dark room, next to each other as if the words are scrolling away from a centre point


  1. But what do I actually do?…

Diagram documenting the processes and responsibilities involved in being a youth programmer as part of the Circuit Programme.

...but what do I actually do