Creative Programming: Call with BridA

One of the ideas for our festival programme is to invite one (or more) international artist(s). So last week we had our first Skype call with the Slovenian art collective, BridA. The group asked them questions about their practice and started a conversation about the possibility of them being part of our festival. Here’s the full conversation –

*TC: The group (Tate Collective St Ives); B: BridA


TC: What does collaboration mean to you?

B: When we start researching for a new project we usually gather together to share all our ideas. We never exclude anything, this is an essential part of our practice.
Collaboration for us also means working in close contact with the public. The public are our building blocks for all our projects.

TC: Can your projects work without technology?

B: We all studied painting at uni and at that time the Internet didn’t even exist! So yes, everything we do stems from our background as painters.

TC: How would you connect to the public if you didn’t have technology?

B: Our practice is not very much about technology itself, in fact we often use very rudimental technology. But it is about looking at different ways to engage with the public…

TC: That’s great! We would like our festival to be very participatory too. So what would you bring to St Ives this time?

B: Well, the swimsuit! Ha-ha joking! This is a big question for us, possibly any project! We would need to know more about your plans and discuss this with you.

TC: The name of our festival is ‘Switch’, what does this word mean to you, in an artistic way?

B: Oh wait, we need to translate it into Slovenian first (…) right! This is a very interesting word for us. Our projects are very much about how we switch things, it’s almost like finding solutions to a problem. Switching between analogical and digital is a key element in what we do. So in this context, for example we could think about how to switch all the senses by thinking analogically…


TC: We don’t have a gallery space at the moment, so could you work on the beach? Or would you need a gallery space?

B: The gallery gives security, but we could definitely work on the beach. We have already worked outdoor previously. It’s pretty much the same for us, what matters is the public we work with, and of course being with the people.

TC: It sounds cool! There are a lot of crossovers between what you do and what we want for Switch… But talking about budget, how much could we offer you?

B: Usually we start with a minimum budget, but it depends on the project… We can send you two or three project proposals and then we can discuss from there. But we would need to have more info about the venue you would like to use first. How does that sound?

TC: Sure we will send you all the info, Sounds great! Thanks a lot. Speak again on the 7th of May then. Cheers!

B: Thank you! Speak then! Živijo!